Mar. 9th, 2007

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when you're sick, it's all about bed and soup and feeling delirious.
with cats on your bed. and forcing yourself to go to the park with your kite because it hurts too much to stay still, and your girlfriend comes with you with grapes and you hold hands and she sits on the grass and you keeping moving and fly your kite. and there are 2 golden retrievers and a dalmation and a poodle and a mongrel and short dog. and then you feel ok for a minute and go back home very slowly, secretly thinking about the move inland, our move.

last night, bron and i did a kiki/elton duet on singstar at bruce street. we were so funny that i cried and screamed from laughing so hard. that is the best kind of laughter. when it hurts because it feels like it's so funny that it will make you explode. bests.

i really want to play something online. something that is nice like second life, but less demanding on my little laptop. i have 256mb of ram, 16gb left to play with and my graphics card is happy. and i'm in australia. so. plz. what can i play? where?

this soup is really fucking delicious.
organic kipfler potatoes, diced
carrot, diced
celery, chopped into big chunks, so i can avoid eating it.
a shitload of kidney beans
chopped tomatoes with tomato paste
cabbage, shredded
LEEK yum i love you leek.
and water and vegan stock

and fuck it's SO BLOODY GOOD for when you are sick. not chemo sick, but like flu sick.  oh soup.

now please, i want to play a game. i am bored! i am bed bound and achey and shit, and my brainz is all "GRRR CABIN FEVER JONZE". plz nerds plz don't let me down.


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