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hospital turned out to be a bit harder than i thought.

there were about 30 wires coming off me, when i'd actually been imagining 5 or something. and they were all stuck to me with conductive gel/cement stuff which took me 20 minutes to remove in the shower. the scientists were all women, and suzi came with me and stayed whilst i settled in. then i watched the castle from my bed. then i watched two episodes of the office (UK, series 1). then i tried very hard to sleep. it was very difficult though, with all these cables attached to me. oh. and the clips that emit red light on my fingertips. they were just tight enough so i could feel my pulse in them. and going to the toilet. well, i'll be buggered if i'd had my mtx poo last night. luckily i had my chemo today instead, so i didn't have to run screaming to the shitpits with all these electrodes flying behind me, looking like some spaghetti monster.

i think i'll make a cigarette. plz hold. okayz.

yays!very the most exciting thing: tomorrow, my ebike should arrive. i've spent over 9 months looking for the right one for me. my arthritis has worsened over the past year or so, and it's at a point where i can't peddle a bike now. so. here is this thing: it is black and white and will be ridden all over. it was a bit cheaper than the australian designed/built models, it looks nicer, and it will easily hold a secret internet fattie like me on it! i can't fucking wait to charge it! i will have my liberation, my independence. the power of this cannot be underestimated when you're a blindy crip. i'll be everywhere. just you watch!

ok: here is where i go all mental system survivor and express the way i feel about melissa, and LP.

holy crap.

i feel better now.

a couple of happy things: tomorrow is helen's 43rd birthday. we're going to the boathouse and kayaking down the yarra yarra, toward the city, so i can show everyone the thousands and thousands of bats that are living around a bend a few miles from the setoff point. i love kyaking. this year has been about learning about that, about expressing my strength in alternative ways, amazon ways. i am looking for a longbow teacher, or a weightlifting instructor. i want to go to the gay games and compete. i am all STRENGTH RAWR WATCH THE FUCK OUT WORLD!

also, for my own records: i had a pap smear today and had a seizure this morning. member it.


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