May. 21st, 2007

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May. 21st, 2007 03:04 am
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i just want to remember how nice it felt.
all of it.
just small moments of wonder and wonderment.

smells. climates. plants. birds. all of the birds. tiger. baby tigers. my sister! a. c. s. m. r. d. t. s. b. s. am i forgetting names? and maeve! and the awesome cripchair i hired for three days. just everyone, all the women and creatures and the plants and the weather and the smells and sounds. it made me very very very happy. i want to thank you.

there is a forceful wind, full of might and it is making one of my teeth hurt. it is crazy wild and it makes me relieved that there is some rain and some real winter finally. it feels like it’s been years… this headline from the age “Great news: it’ll be cold, wet, miserable”; it’s so exciting!

observation: tonight when i was injecting the chemo, the needle was so blunt that i had to roar like “!RAWR” to deal with the pain of it slodging through into my quadricep. i ended up having three entry sites and blood. must research to find out if i can sharpen the needle myself before using it. ok!

and, batrouney.

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