Apr. 2nd, 2007

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i implore you all to listen up about this old, old story: about the gurindji strike.

these people are incredible. their story is incredible and the land itself, it’s unbelievably beautiful, full of spirit, thick of foreverness. so full and so old, it holds everything that exists in the entire universe. everything in that place.

… place

place is everything, ever.

and soon i will need to move on with suzi, to a kinder land that the city. inland. my ideas so far look like this:

  • castlemaine
  • daylesford
  • bendigo

for a long time, i needed to be by the sea, but i know that it’s coming in soon, in the next few years, and i just have to wait until then, until the earth has rebalanced herself, it will seem dry. things i consider around this:

  • decent elevation above sea level (2.5m+)
  • good hospital/medical services (10 minutes by ambulance to nearest hospital)
  • electric bike friendly
  • queer friendly
  • low crime rate
  • serviced by broadband capable phone line

hmm. the bells at the nunnery are ringing. and i am hungry.

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