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there' s nothing like that moment when catch yourself being caught up in the awesome beauty that is the wind spirit. 

she moves the trees and the leaves and makes sounds from them like they were a harp.

darkness and quietness and the wind spirit, singing just for me.

i look so very forward to the lands. oh my goodness. the river and the trees. thousands of them on the forty acres i call myself home to. every one has a story of it's own. i think i will go back to my camp that i had from early 2005. i made my home between three trees and shrubs. danica was next to me in her tent - within shouting range. rachel was up on the ridge, looking out to protect us. shirleybear was in her cabin. i watched her closely as she tended to the fire and kept us all warm. there are so many memories, but most of them are unto the land: she must hold her secrets, guard her wimmin's business.

there was lightning through the camp. about 30cms from me and bear, heading down toward the river, where suzi was floating. that was the end of camp. we could have all been fried, the three of us. but no. it was the spirit, the great mother, the aunties and the grannies and all of the ancestors. we'd collected and loved over this land, where so much has happened throughout the ages. law around the fire. loving under the stars. bumping into a beautiful python while bathing the morning. falling asleep in the warm evening air to the sounds of fiddle and guitar and beautiful full female voices with the occassional chorus from all of the dogs who gathered among us. a tree falling in the river. bark falling from a tree; that means there is a goanna climbing up it.

i am so blessed. i have so much richness in my life. such beauty.


Jun. 21st, 2006 09:30 pm
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i'd apply to go only my medications make me less than how present they want wimmin to be who attend. so i respect that, and while i think it's a bit of a downer that it really excludes wimmin who have to be medicated in order to live, i wanted to share it with you all in case you know somewomyn who could really benefit from this.

Mayumarri is an affordable healing centre for people who have experienced childhood trauma. Our mission is to ensure that sufferers become survivors, so they can go on to fulfil their true potential in life. Healing from trauma and abuse takes everything you've got, but you've got everything it takes.

Mayumarri has a healing center located in NSW, but they're bringing the week-long program to a location that's 1 and half hours from melbourne. it's an expensive program, but if you're on a pension or you have an awfully low income, you can negotiate down to a really fair $50.

More details here:


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