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enjoying the rain, the wind.

today i met an 11 year old golden called holly, she was very good.

having sufficient lighting is so fucking ace.

whole lotta pain. left foot is just about to succumb i think. having to rest my legs a lot. suzi says it's good to rest them.

i keep having dreams where i am free in my body. i can fly, i can run, i can dance. it feels wonderful. waking up and not being able to move much ruins my reckless want and desire to be a more active tiger.

skin is slowly improving.

sometimes i lose my patience with humanity. and myself. that's alright though.

watching a lot of louis theroux's docs; nazis, swingers, survivalists*, white supremists, black supremists, brothels, the porn industry. he deserves a big slap on the back. he's really rather good.

well that's probably enough for now. i should try to sleep.

k. nighnight.

* the hippie survivalist who lives underground in a hobbit house was so kickarse. the most beautiful antithesis of paranoid hating ever. i wish to go and eat huckleberry pancakes with him. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE LAND TO EMBRACE ME! it will be such a good time for me. fuck. i love lands so hard.
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i saw him again on monday. my father was randomly with me and saw him too. i reacted with fear, and my da drove me to the police station to report what happened. 2.5 hours later, i'd made a statement and they are charging this character with indecent assault. the police have been awesome.

in a few hours i have to go to police headquarters and work with a police artist for the afternoon to get a ID drawn up of his face.

i am doing fine. i just really want out of the city sooner. and that is completely understandable, considering.

tonight, noukie's voice was croaky. it made us laugh a lot.

i want a study date with bron that i actually turn up to on time.

it's my birthday on sunday. i will go to the zoo. and then swimming. and then i don't know. good things. fuck it, great things.

last night i dreamed of being in a ship at sea. the ocean was as rough as guts. the ship moved precariously from side to side. i was sure glad to get back onto dry land. srsly. i was bleeding an amazing brightly red coloured blood out of my cunt. i kind of felt suprised when i awoke and found no bleeding was happening.

seachange. dan and max and meredith. such delicious characters.

now i'll feed the cats and pee and try and sleep.

goodnight, dear friends.

summer rain

Sep. 7th, 2005 03:01 am
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belinda carlisle on the radio at 3am.
it's so good.

ruth pointer. yeah. chaka khan. yeah. stevie nicks. yeah.


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