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Nov. 13th, 2005 02:46 pm
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oh wow. i'd waited 16 years (now that the math has been done properly) to see the bangles and it was really really happy making. i smiled for three hours and rocked and danced and remembered being 11 and 13 and 14. i went to see them alone. i felt so sick and nervous. suzi accompanied me to the venue and went and ate at lentil as anything while i was smiling for three hours.

last night i slept between and baby cat and a crone cat. wimmin cat business in the red tent that my bed is.

it really hurts today. my s-i joint in my back feels like old plaster, cracking and crunching. my feet are still another country. my fingers swollen. eye sockets that ache. i made a migraine happen two nights ago, it's hanging on by it's fingertips. shirleybear worked on me a few days ago. i can hear now. and i can taste! i can taste! i need to brush my teeth! my neck made loud cracking sounds as she yanked my head into place. my poor tired old body.

but anyway...
it was so worth it - seeing them play. i walked out of that old theatre with happiness.
how precious is that?

(oooh rosalinda's eyes. oooooooooh)
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it's incredibly frustrating to wake up with grand plans for the day and then realise that you can't follow through because the pain is too much to work with. i tell you. today i wanted to bake two loaves of bread and prepare dinner for myself. i am accepting that i can not. or that it would be best to rest my joints instead. sometimes i do feel a bit ripped off.

also i had a migraine earlier today. i lost my vision and felt very sick. then i woke up and checked my email. there was a message from someone about how there is a geomagnetic storm on right now and i wondered if that made me have a migraine.

oh to be someone without disabilities. even for a day.


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