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various items:

1. our booking at the venue is confirmed and everyone is excited about our plans for the event next year
2. jan called, told me nice things
3. it was a baaad day bodywise, but i was all FUCKYOU BODY and i rang up bron and sommer and asked if they would come be with me in bed and they came and we had fun in my room: cats, kittens, smokes, wine, zines, roadtrip plans
4. the three of us will travel to the moruya wimminslands in the first week of october. it'll be their first time on the lands. i can't wait. i will interview shirleybear for my book and take photos to document the place my spirit calls home
5. bronwyn challenged me to do a zine about music. she has challenged herself to as well
6. tina? i want to go but not if i'm going to the lands in october. the national young writers festival is part of it, and that really calls me
7. my zine library was established, first borrowings occurred
8. told the tigers about my plans for a setting up a distro. realised i can make it happen, and that is awesome
9. made noukie a better tent to sleep in. she loves it. fast asleep inside it now

fact: i require three alarms to wake me. two are beside my pillow and they beep, one wakes me with music from my plastic crate shelving. if one fails, i do not wake up.


Nov. 13th, 2005 02:46 pm
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oh wow. i'd waited 16 years (now that the math has been done properly) to see the bangles and it was really really happy making. i smiled for three hours and rocked and danced and remembered being 11 and 13 and 14. i went to see them alone. i felt so sick and nervous. suzi accompanied me to the venue and went and ate at lentil as anything while i was smiling for three hours.

last night i slept between and baby cat and a crone cat. wimmin cat business in the red tent that my bed is.

it really hurts today. my s-i joint in my back feels like old plaster, cracking and crunching. my feet are still another country. my fingers swollen. eye sockets that ache. i made a migraine happen two nights ago, it's hanging on by it's fingertips. shirleybear worked on me a few days ago. i can hear now. and i can taste! i can taste! i need to brush my teeth! my neck made loud cracking sounds as she yanked my head into place. my poor tired old body.

but anyway...
it was so worth it - seeing them play. i walked out of that old theatre with happiness.
how precious is that?

(oooh rosalinda's eyes. oooooooooh)


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