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such a nice evening.

i saw split enz play. they were wonderful. i kept closing my eyes and feeling it inside. letting my eyes rain tears of emotion, letting my skin dance and tingle, feeling the bass and drum in my ribcage, my heart... every song i'd hoped i'd hear was played - poor boy, dirty creature, give it a whirl, stuff and nonsense, history never repeats, i hope i never, i see red, six months in a leaky boat, matinee idol. i witnessed the spectacle that is noel crombie. i crushed hard as i watched him percuss, and held my fingers to my mouth as he played his spoon solo. and those finn boys have such thick healthy heads of hair. buffnuts.

suzi met me at the venue afterward and jumped on a tram, and slowly moved toward the city center, past the big top, past the giant screen in federation square where hundreds had huddled together to keep warm and watch the big game together. i kind of wanted to stay there and see the end of it, but home beckoned, and i complied with my aching bones.

we arrived home to three wailing cats, all at the front door to greet us and bring us inside. it was like the three of them had gathered together to try and concentrate the force in an attempt to open the front door.

i collapsed on the couch, painkillers are finally kicking in and turned the television on. i sat thought the last 15 minutes of the game squinting my eyes at the awful sbs reception we get in our house. i saw australia win their match and it made me scream. now there are hoons driving home along st georges road tooting their horns and screaming from excitement.

so tonight? tonight was good.

And you know that I love you here and now, not forever
I can give you the present, I don't know about the future,
that's all stuff and nonsense


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