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there was a large earthquake in los angeles.

i was (literally) kicked out of a dinner party because i refused to conform with hipster wankers. it was great. three girls kicked my bum and i went flying down an inflatable slide that was extremely steep and fun. my sister came flying down soon after, once they knew she was my blood.

my sister was my sister, but she was still about 4 years old with a bowl haircut. adorable. i held her hand and led her about LA. she was overwhelmed by it's endlessness but not in an afraid way.

my father (a younger version of) appeared out of nowhere when we were at this undercover beachfront strip mall. i noticed a security guard walking along outside of the perspex barrier that protected us and all the stores from the waves that came up from the beach. the waves were smashing against the perspex hard and loud and i was a bit scared. so i grabbed kitten up and took her away to a concreted area that looked less like a strip mall and more like a giant version of my vintage fisher-price parking garage. in fact it was exactly like that, but it was grey and concrete. and at least three storeys high.

anyway. we crouched and hid under some concrete. and my father said he'd be back, he had to do something or find someone and he'd come back for us when it was safe to do so.

and so i held my sister's little sweaty hand, and we waited for the earthquake to start, and it did and then i woke up because i was so sore. my hip. noukie was asleep on me too.

so west coast people, please take good care of yourselves.
i think maybe something is moving.

just, be safe.


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