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Apr. 26th, 2007 06:17 pm
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Over the queen's birthday long weekend in June (7-11), Melbourne is hosting 'Camp Betty: A Weekend of Radical Sex and Politics'. 
Camp Betty will include a series of workshops, talks, skill-shares, reading  groups, debates, and historical explorations. The aim is to interrogate questions of sex and gender - how we think about them, talk about them, do and live them. 
Sex and gender are obviously crucial in thinking of our identities, bodies, and relationships to others and the world. We also think they are crucial to an understanding of other political questions, like the war on terror or capitalism. It is these centralities that we want to explore. 
Understanding the importance of sex and gender and incorporating this in our own lives and the world around us is crucial for radical politics. To figure out how to do this, we need to talk, strategise, learn from each other, share our skills and knowledge and challenge our ideas and those of people around us. 
We want to dismantle the idea that  these questions are only interesting or important to the usual suspects who care about this stuff (queers and womyn); anyone who's  interested in struggle,  change, sex, gender or art should come and participate in discussions, share skills, debate, and learn. 
We want to dissect boring ideas of politics-as-usual that say DIY jam-making workshops, BDSM sex and talking about capitalism have nothing to do with each other. We want a weekend  where you don't have to have a uni degree to talk about politics or revolution, and where discussions aren't totally removed from our day-to-day lives. 'Talking' and 'doing'  are part of the same process. 
We want to challenge ourselves to learn new skills, change our ideas, meet strangers, throw away our preconceptions, make links, and embarkon new projects. 
And that's where you come in. Make a suggestion of a workshop you'd like to see, or even better organise one yourself. We're happy to help make it all happen by putting you in touch with others who have similar ideas, or scheduling your workshop at a time that suits you. 
Email us at for more information or to talk about ideas.

Camp Betty Workshop Information – What we need to know to confirm and schedule your workshop
What is the title of the workshop/activity/event/session?
(If you don't have a catchy title, a basic description will do.)

Who's presenting and organising it? What's your email address so we can contact you?
(If there's more than one person, you can give all the contact details, or just nominate one person to be the main contact for us.)
What's going to happen? Is it a workshop, seminar, talk, film screening, skill-share?

What's the point? How does this fit into the weekend?
(This is where you can give us your blurb to let people know what you're hoping to get out of it)

Do you want us to organise a space for you or do you already have a location in mind?

Is there a time over the weekend that is best for you? How long do you want your workshop scheduled for?
(Camp Betty will be going from Thursday evening to Monday afternoon. At the moment, we're probably scheduling most of the workshops on Friday and Saturday.)

What do you need?
(This includes everything from the type of space/venue, chairs, equipment, projector, video etc. We can't promise to be able to provide everything but we can definitely try to work stuff out.)

Are you interested in contributing to the reader or in distributing some material to people before the weekend?

Is there anything else that you wanted to know, or that we can help with?
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names please. i really really want to go. please come with me. ok thanks.


Jun. 21st, 2006 09:30 pm
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i'd apply to go only my medications make me less than how present they want wimmin to be who attend. so i respect that, and while i think it's a bit of a downer that it really excludes wimmin who have to be medicated in order to live, i wanted to share it with you all in case you know somewomyn who could really benefit from this.

Mayumarri is an affordable healing centre for people who have experienced childhood trauma. Our mission is to ensure that sufferers become survivors, so they can go on to fulfil their true potential in life. Healing from trauma and abuse takes everything you've got, but you've got everything it takes.

Mayumarri has a healing center located in NSW, but they're bringing the week-long program to a location that's 1 and half hours from melbourne. it's an expensive program, but if you're on a pension or you have an awfully low income, you can negotiate down to a really fair $50.

More details here:
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Free piercings all winter at the piercing urge in smellbourne. Changes from week to week. This week it is navels. I shall wait until it's cart time and then i will go get my conches done over. Nice and big. Yummy.



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