May. 16th, 2007 05:56 am
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i turned 32 on sunday. swimming. water. backstroke. sidestroke. breaststroke. diving. flailing. playing. floating. underwater sounds. water. water. spa. hydrotherapy. nerves. tired. burritos. samosas. a cake i made myself.

a single present: a drawing from bron of my favourite plant at bruce street. lightly coloured with pencils. i treasure my one gift and have hung it on my wall. it is beautiful and full of love. i am thankful to have a heartsisterfriend such as bron.

last night, dogsitting tui while her human was in hospital having surgery. tui was good. she was patient and didn't cry when i slept in. her favourite game is give ball, and her best thing is tricks she and her human do with hula hoops. she even bought her own kennel. whippet/kelpie crosses are really nice.

tomorrow: mailing things for the 3 dirtys who are on tour, sorting out a time to meet with the police, cleaning my teeth and i don't know what else. i have hopes that it will be happyful and slow and long.

ps: noukie met tui and ran up to the top of me, tearing her claws through my scalp, ears and face. i look like i have been attacked by wolves, but no. noukie just scratched the fuck outta me. more warrior scars.


Oct. 19th, 2006 02:51 pm
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there are days when i feel like my head will explode.
today is one of those days.

five mouth ulcers, two temples throbbing and a shoulder seized up.

tomorrow: the next documentary
cat update: bub is seated in the chair, all sweaty and delicious smelly. piggy has his head laid flat against the cushion. weedy is being warm in front of the heater. henry is snoring next to me.

freecycle was really amazing this week. i got new shoes. and a new portable phone for our house. ace.



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