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how i inadvertently started a posting war:


ps: maybe tmi for a few of you. you've been warned.


Mar. 25th, 2007 07:33 pm
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slurping away at pickled onion juice.

very pre menstrual. suzi and i watched a movie about a thai boxer who was a ladyboy. i cried my arse off. it's because of the prebleeding time.

another slurp of the juice.

two nights ago, the moon was so beautiful i thought i would explode. she looked like the belly of a pregnant woman.

today, i met two newfies. one i already met previously, taya. taya now has a friend called oscar who is completely black, and is still a pup. oscar slagged all over me and in that moment i felt completely loved, accepted and understood by a four legged.


i smell the beautiful scent of smoking eucalypt wood from next door. it smells so different to a bushfire. i guess that is because a bushfire burns leaves where there's lot of oil. the wood just smells damp and soft, i look forward to the smell of an open fire in the cabin on the lands later in the year.

slurp, slurp.

now i will go and tell noukie how good she is.

edited to add: i spoke with my father today. my parents are leaving for overseas in may. he said he'd like to see me before they leave. i told him how much it would to me if they would just come over to dinner, just once. let me make them a meal in my own house. he said no. it saddens me that they reject me so much. yeah. whatever.


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