May. 16th, 2007 05:56 am
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i turned 32 on sunday. swimming. water. backstroke. sidestroke. breaststroke. diving. flailing. playing. floating. underwater sounds. water. water. spa. hydrotherapy. nerves. tired. burritos. samosas. a cake i made myself.

a single present: a drawing from bron of my favourite plant at bruce street. lightly coloured with pencils. i treasure my one gift and have hung it on my wall. it is beautiful and full of love. i am thankful to have a heartsisterfriend such as bron.

last night, dogsitting tui while her human was in hospital having surgery. tui was good. she was patient and didn't cry when i slept in. her favourite game is give ball, and her best thing is tricks she and her human do with hula hoops. she even bought her own kennel. whippet/kelpie crosses are really nice.

tomorrow: mailing things for the 3 dirtys who are on tour, sorting out a time to meet with the police, cleaning my teeth and i don't know what else. i have hopes that it will be happyful and slow and long.

ps: noukie met tui and ran up to the top of me, tearing her claws through my scalp, ears and face. i look like i have been attacked by wolves, but no. noukie just scratched the fuck outta me. more warrior scars.


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