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edit: i just received a long email of apology and from nicci, the owner of the event. i appreciate this and felt it was important to add this. she did not write the email below. a paid worker from girlfest did. ok!

i wrote an email with feedback to the organisers of girlfest.

and they (the girlfest organisers) threw a tanty and sent this back to me. i was a bit shocked because i'd actually sent them feedback in the hope that it might be considered, rather than just tossed in the bin as trite and thoughtless abuse.

i particularly like the last paragraph when they said "once again I think you should do a bit of homework on what things cost these days and you would see that $250 is cheap for what you are getting." errr... no offense girlfest, but i'm not an idiot. i know how much events cost, and i know that events can be run cheaper if needs be. they've only has one gathering, and it ran at a loss. my homework says that maybe running at a loss isn't sustainable? my homework also says that $250 isn't that great for two days of entertainment. but that's just my homework. for $250, i can live for a couple of weeks. yeah hi. i'm a real person! who are you? so anyway... here's the rather unfriendly and accusatory email i woke up to today. super dramatic. very self indulgent. i just thought i would share it with a few dykes here on LJ to show you how unfriendly they've been to me, after they receive feedback that they themselves ask for. also ps, if anyone can show me photos of fatgirls, zafitgs, lesbians of all ages and poor dykes attending girlfest from 2006, please: i would love to see them to know how wrong i am.

Hi Alana, I am sure you must feel a lot better getting all that off your
chest, it is a shame you dislike us so much when you have not spoken or meet
any of us. Sorry we are not what you are looking for in an event, but we
here at Girlfest have always said Girlfest is for anyone that wants to
attend, but is never going to be for everyone.

Girlfest is just another option in the big world for those women that it
attracts and for those it doesn't then they will find other avenues to go

As for the fat comments really you should know your homework on people that
work at Girlfest, and then you would not pass judgment just so quick. If you
went to our website you would see in the pictures from Girlfest 06 that
there where many varying sized, ages and financial backgrounds of women at
Girlfest having an awesome time and felt like the belonged, in a safe and
friendly environment which is what Girlfest is about.

You know it never ceases to amaze me that people feel the need to abuse
someone or give them a mouth full about what they think on many levels of
puling someone down. Instead they could say not my thing but good on you for
all the hours and money that gets poured into an event like this. And the
fact that we are doing it all over again because 2000 women have an awesome

Thanks but no thanks possibly would have been sufficed.

As for ticket prices, well I will argue this point with anyone anywhere
anytime. The price of $250 is well and truly under what we should be
charging for what you get and the quality of artist over 3 days not 2 that
you had mentioned. Once again I think you should do a bit of homework on
what things cost these days and you would see that $250 is cheap for what
you are getting.
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dear men of the world,

what small amount of respect i had for you as a gender has been erased.

it's not that all of you are fucked, because some of you aren't. i feel very strongly that there are some decent beautiful men around. these men, for example would rise to the challenge of defending what needs defending when necessary:

- the two julians
- my da
- charles
- rhodamine
- qq
- chris the mad scientist
- robbie thorpe
- paul g
- mick turner
- leigh wildaughter
- jon michell
(writing a list is redundant. needless to say there are boys who are decent. they are a minority.)

but that's all i can think of right now.

you see, i went to the hospital today, got diagnosed with two new conditions and have a hospital stay to look forward to in the next two months. on the tram on the way home, i was abused verbally by three men firstly because i am fat and secondly because i am female. i am a stupid ugly obese big fat bitch. they pushed me into the side of the tram. i found my seat and watched them. i was pissed. then they began to yell at a man from either india or sri lanka. this really got me. i yelled from the top of my lungs that I WOULD NOT SHUT UP AND THEY SHOULD STOP BEING SO FUCKING RACIST. they told me to shut up, that it was a private conversation (no, it wasn't anymore, not when you are taunting another passenger on public transport). so i faught with them and yelled and eventually it got to a point where they were getting off the tram, continually yelling the same abuse at me over and over (are they too fucking brainless to find something different to tease me about? i mean, duh, yes, i am a fat woman, it's not like nobody else knows this). the last of the three came close to me and i punched my hand in his face, but instead of hitting him in the nose, i gave him the finger. i don't know why i didn't bash him in the head. i should have. next time i will. and if i get arrested, i don't give a flying fuck. i will tell those fucking police about every last thing that men have done to me to abuse me. then they can try and convince me that i shouldn't hit men. it won't happen.

while all this was happening, they were grabbing at young wimmin's bums and being disgusting. all the men surrounding them didn't say a fucking word.


why the fuck didn't any men tell these 20 year olds to shut up?
why the fuck didn't any men tell these 20 year olds to stop being racist?
why the fuck didn't any men tell these 20 year olds to stop abusing wimmin?
why the fuck didn't any men tell these 20 year olds to not abuse a womyn because she weighs more than he does?

why the fuck did you all just sit there silently and watch what happened without doing or saying anything?

why the fuck won't you take responsibility for your gender's mistakes?

and i don't get why when i told a girl that the men behind her kept grabbing at her arse, she simply said "oh well, what can i do? nothing."

after they left the tram, i was shaking and crying. i tried to keep it to myself, but people noticed. the dude they were racially taunting came and shook my hand, sat opposite me and thanked me. he said it happens all the time. i told him i don't understand why people don't give a shit enough to step in and make people accountable. then a nice girl tapped me on the arm and offered me toilet paper with frogs on it, so i could dry my tears. "it's clean" she said, kindly.

i hate you, men. i really hate you. you disgust me in your weakness. i love the men i have named above, and a few others who i know would stand beside me in the line of fire for what we believe in, but everyone else? no. as a species, you're weak and pathetic. you'll never learn. and i have no respect for you today.

with tears of anger,
alana x


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