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a couple of lessons for all you women! i just learnt them today!

got on the tram, this dude walked up to me and sat down and said hi. i said hi back.


he grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. i froze. then i got off the tram, and this guy continued to follow me. he then put his hands on my arse, groped my arse and tried to hump me on swanston street


and in true form, all i did was freeze. thanks post traumatic stress disorder! thanks for not protecting yourself when you were being dry humped by a shoeless man on swanston street. i bolted away, as much as a cripply piggly can. and i hid behind stone columns and trams. then, therapy. then charles took me to the tram in case the perp had followed me. he hadn't.

oh shit.

May. 2nd, 2007 05:44 am
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i stayed up until the sun arrived again.

the wind is sure is nice though.

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Originally uploaded by paperandglue.
i just really love this photo, is all. fatgirl rockout.
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suzi and alana aaawwwwww
Originally uploaded by goatsfoot.
yay! we turned 4! we went swimming and spa-ing and then went to the vegie bar for tucker. thanks anne and somsom for coming with!
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there is nothing more beautiful than watching an australian body swim through the water of the sea...

Call Out

Apr. 26th, 2007 06:17 pm
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Over the queen's birthday long weekend in June (7-11), Melbourne is hosting 'Camp Betty: A Weekend of Radical Sex and Politics'. 
Camp Betty will include a series of workshops, talks, skill-shares, reading  groups, debates, and historical explorations. The aim is to interrogate questions of sex and gender - how we think about them, talk about them, do and live them. 
Sex and gender are obviously crucial in thinking of our identities, bodies, and relationships to others and the world. We also think they are crucial to an understanding of other political questions, like the war on terror or capitalism. It is these centralities that we want to explore. 
Understanding the importance of sex and gender and incorporating this in our own lives and the world around us is crucial for radical politics. To figure out how to do this, we need to talk, strategise, learn from each other, share our skills and knowledge and challenge our ideas and those of people around us. 
We want to dismantle the idea that  these questions are only interesting or important to the usual suspects who care about this stuff (queers and womyn); anyone who's  interested in struggle,  change, sex, gender or art should come and participate in discussions, share skills, debate, and learn. 
We want to dissect boring ideas of politics-as-usual that say DIY jam-making workshops, BDSM sex and talking about capitalism have nothing to do with each other. We want a weekend  where you don't have to have a uni degree to talk about politics or revolution, and where discussions aren't totally removed from our day-to-day lives. 'Talking' and 'doing'  are part of the same process. 
We want to challenge ourselves to learn new skills, change our ideas, meet strangers, throw away our preconceptions, make links, and embarkon new projects. 
And that's where you come in. Make a suggestion of a workshop you'd like to see, or even better organise one yourself. We're happy to help make it all happen by putting you in touch with others who have similar ideas, or scheduling your workshop at a time that suits you. 
Email us at campbetty@gmail.com for more information or to talk about ideas.

Camp Betty Workshop Information – What we need to know to confirm and schedule your workshop
What is the title of the workshop/activity/event/session?
(If you don't have a catchy title, a basic description will do.)

Who's presenting and organising it? What's your email address so we can contact you?
(If there's more than one person, you can give all the contact details, or just nominate one person to be the main contact for us.)
What's going to happen? Is it a workshop, seminar, talk, film screening, skill-share?

What's the point? How does this fit into the weekend?
(This is where you can give us your blurb to let people know what you're hoping to get out of it)

Do you want us to organise a space for you or do you already have a location in mind?

Is there a time over the weekend that is best for you? How long do you want your workshop scheduled for?
(Camp Betty will be going from Thursday evening to Monday afternoon. At the moment, we're probably scheduling most of the workshops on Friday and Saturday.)

What do you need?
(This includes everything from the type of space/venue, chairs, equipment, projector, video etc. We can't promise to be able to provide everything but we can definitely try to work stuff out.)

Are you interested in contributing to the reader or in distributing some material to people before the weekend?

Is there anything else that you wanted to know, or that we can help with?
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my brains feel overloaded. it is probably the caffeine but there's a lot of emotion there too. a whole lot.

i will tend to life tomorrow. pay money to people and places. wash my dirty undies and socks. being scared of an imaginary scorpion in my big bag of detrius i dragged home from the prom.  who is that? that scorpion?

tomorrow i will fantisize about growing vegetables and moving to the country. concurrently. chooks and cats and curvy voluptuous pathways around a garden that will help feed and nurture us.

i feel stifled. i don't know what that is. no maybe i do.

bike is charging.

busy, busy. lou, aunty sue, me and you.

you're awake late. you should sleep. it will be good for you. you will feel better for it tomorrow.

i feel like i missed out, but i know i made the right choice for myself in the right moment. i didn't get a chance to explain any of that to you. or any of you.

lavender oil. my back. my sweetheart. 9pm. a heart filled massage. warm skin on skin. quiet. headtouchings. thankyou.


sometimes i wish things never changed.


(edited to add)
no wait. a few more items:

1. steely dan tickets onsale in a few hours. there will be no money until tuesday, so i have to manifest a ticket somehow. this will occur by me either (a) asking the band member who emailed me a few months ago for a pass or (b) winning it from some dirty middle of the road fm radio dj. it will happen.
2. bron. yay! tomorrow! oh i look forward to seeing you.
3. now, i don't wanna be too bold here and say something that's completely out of line, but i think that maybe winter is really going to happen soon. look:
Tuesday       Becoming fine.                         Min 12    Max 21
Wednesday Fine. Min 11 Max 21
Thursday Fine. Min 11 Max 23
Friday Rain periods. Min 14 Max 19
Saturday Showers Min 14 Max 19
Sunday Showers Min 13 Max 19

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:50 am EST Monday.
now i don't know about you but that thrills me like nothing else.
4. remembering of dreams.
5. make!
6. ok you should sleep now really really really. sleepybyebyes.

but jamaican me crazy!

7. must visit lizzy, nico and prilly.
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me vs wombat

basically this photo conveys everything you need to know. the wombats were completely out of hand, feral and giant and crazed. they tore at our shelter, and stole our food. they also threatened us several times, in large gangs, toting guns and machetes.

this image displays me, fighting for survival at about 2am. i had to defend myself with a blink lightsabre. i barely got out alive. it’s a fucking jungle out there.

forget about giant squid taking over the world, it’s time we worried about the mofo wombats.

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oh. yay.
mew mew.
mew mew mew.
mew mew snail noise mew mew mew.
mew meew.

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tomorrow i will be leaving for the bush for a few days.

i’m taking my music, my camera and my tripod and my towel and my tent and sleeping bag. anne is bringing me a futon to sleep on which is pretty awesome. excellent.

i have been asking the goddess for a show of the southern lights while we’reo there. i wonder if she’ll put out? i sure hope so.

steely dan are so fucking smooth it almost hurts. i can’t wait to see them in september. it will take a lot for me to hold myself back and not get all autistic with my excitement. i will be squiggling in the freaking air.

ok. so camping. yay. so so so so good making for my heart. she desires it so much. the air, the light, the sounds, the colours. the scents. the creatures.

i got a bunch of amazing pictures from some awesome friends. they are so fucking great, i don’t know how to explain it. it warms me. it fills me. i have lots of love. lots.

okok: dream programming: must have gentle, friendly, loving-ful and beautiful dreams, ok? you’ve been visiting such awful, sad and nasty places for a while and you need a rest.


food list for camping
- meths
- chopping board
- soymilk
- chips and salsa
- smores shit

stuff list for camping
- crip sticks
- pillows

clothes list for camping
- cords

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everything about this horns me: one half of the marotta brothers, michael mcdonald, steely dan trying to embarrass michael mcdonald, the mf bassist. holy shit.
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[profile] drbunsen  beats his partner. abuses her.

can someone tell me where he lives so me and bunch of my crazed amazons can go and cut his testicles off?

also: i realise that some of you who know me are on his friends list. sorry. i just hate standing by doing fuck all.
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i am really exhausted from a migraine, a possible seizure and a wonderful daytrip to the beach that hatchu and i went on yesterday. the migraine brought with it intense emotion, emotions only of love and strength and knowing and beauty. i have been crying tonight, just from feelings, not sadness nor sorrow.

i think i fractured another joint in my finger yesterday. second finger fracture in 3 months.  annoying more than anything else.

i had two awful nightmares today. they were filled with the most dreadful memories. the first involved two people who broke my heart. it was heartbreaking and sad making and frustrating and unexpected. i awoke at 3am and i couldn’t go back to sleep because i was hounded with these feelings of rejection or pain. i don’t know. it was early in the morning, i was half asleep, and had just had a fit. i read a national geographic from 1989 about a family who traveled annually to the south georgia islands. kids on a boat. it was nice. the second dream was way more horrible than the first. my goodness. an old familiar house that haunts me, a horrible horrible disturbed beast who wanted to break my soul to the point of complete control over me and my body. small cupboards that i used for hiding myself in. forced habitat. waking up was so safe. it was such a relief to be away from that world.
soon i’ll make a salad. yum.

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i implore you all to listen up about this old, old story: about the gurindji strike.

these people are incredible. their story is incredible and the land itself, it’s unbelievably beautiful, full of spirit, thick of foreverness. so full and so old, it holds everything that exists in the entire universe. everything in that place.

… place

place is everything, ever.

and soon i will need to move on with suzi, to a kinder land that the city. inland. my ideas so far look like this:

  • castlemaine
  • daylesford
  • bendigo

for a long time, i needed to be by the sea, but i know that it’s coming in soon, in the next few years, and i just have to wait until then, until the earth has rebalanced herself, it will seem dry. things i consider around this:

  • decent elevation above sea level (2.5m+)
  • good hospital/medical services (10 minutes by ambulance to nearest hospital)
  • electric bike friendly
  • queer friendly
  • low crime rate
  • serviced by broadband capable phone line

hmm. the bells at the nunnery are ringing. and i am hungry.

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Apr. 1st, 2007 03:55 pm
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"this bandana smells like suzi's head!"
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Musician Elton John is under attack by Christian leaders in Tobago.

Pop singer Elton John should be banned from performing at a jazz festival in Tobago because his homosexuality could influence young people, some Christian leaders on the Caribbean island said on Monday.

- Reuters

obviously tobago's close to getting it right. except that they should be protecting their innocent christian youth not from elton's homosexuality, but his dangerously awful taste in clothes and wigs. lord knows what exposure to a bad wig could do to an inncocent, young tobagan.



Mar. 25th, 2007 07:33 pm
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slurping away at pickled onion juice.

very pre menstrual. suzi and i watched a movie about a thai boxer who was a ladyboy. i cried my arse off. it's because of the prebleeding time.

another slurp of the juice.

two nights ago, the moon was so beautiful i thought i would explode. she looked like the belly of a pregnant woman.

today, i met two newfies. one i already met previously, taya. taya now has a friend called oscar who is completely black, and is still a pup. oscar slagged all over me and in that moment i felt completely loved, accepted and understood by a four legged.


i smell the beautiful scent of smoking eucalypt wood from next door. it smells so different to a bushfire. i guess that is because a bushfire burns leaves where there's lot of oil. the wood just smells damp and soft, i look forward to the smell of an open fire in the cabin on the lands later in the year.

slurp, slurp.

now i will go and tell noukie how good she is.

edited to add: i spoke with my father today. my parents are leaving for overseas in may. he said he'd like to see me before they leave. i told him how much it would to me if they would just come over to dinner, just once. let me make them a meal in my own house. he said no. it saddens me that they reject me so much. yeah. whatever.
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and while i remember.

um. ohh. oh yeah:

for those of you who are coming on the cripple campout: i'm hiring a tent and a bed from here or here. if you'd like to hire stuff too, let me know and we can order/get it together.
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up scumbag! up scumbag!

ps. thanks b for bringing me back down to earth after last night's dream. and happy birthday, oh beautiful one. love.


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