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i saw him again on monday. my father was randomly with me and saw him too. i reacted with fear, and my da drove me to the police station to report what happened. 2.5 hours later, i'd made a statement and they are charging this character with indecent assault. the police have been awesome.

in a few hours i have to go to police headquarters and work with a police artist for the afternoon to get a ID drawn up of his face.

i am doing fine. i just really want out of the city sooner. and that is completely understandable, considering.

tonight, noukie's voice was croaky. it made us laugh a lot.

i want a study date with bron that i actually turn up to on time.

it's my birthday on sunday. i will go to the zoo. and then swimming. and then i don't know. good things. fuck it, great things.

last night i dreamed of being in a ship at sea. the ocean was as rough as guts. the ship moved precariously from side to side. i was sure glad to get back onto dry land. srsly. i was bleeding an amazing brightly red coloured blood out of my cunt. i kind of felt suprised when i awoke and found no bleeding was happening.

seachange. dan and max and meredith. such delicious characters.

now i'll feed the cats and pee and try and sleep.

goodnight, dear friends.
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