Jun. 21st, 2007

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bubhello teh internets.

1. can you point me in the direction of any firm scientific evidence to support the healing art of homeopathy?
2. i did my washing! i cleaned my room! small miracles!
3. lots of migraines. they are interesting. i am doing a lot of sleeping. horizontal subconscious exploration of my brain.
4. dreams: lots of water, tides, stairs and tricks. i can do so many tricks!
5. ooooh it’s raining. i keep asking the goddess to bring more, to make it last longer, to bring the sweet smell of winter rain. i am thankful.
6. please: tell me the names of songs that are good to dance to and are happy-making. i am building a songlist for a dis!go me and somsom will run at the gathering next year. so far it’s all scissor sisters and jamiroquai and peaches and goldfrapp. a little beyonce and dsico. am i missing anything? i am so out of my league. help!

i am trying very hard to eat better. getting vitamins in if nothing else. hydrated. fruit. i need to buy my melatonin and get focused on my sleeping. i just want it to keep raining. more rain, more rain. please, please to more rain.

itchy. owls. owls. lots of national geographic magazines. beautiful things can be lovely. that is very unbuddhist. but that’s me. and that is ok!

want to get back in the pool. anyone want to run to the pool with me lots? or even a little? or even once? i am totally in lust with maribyrnong aquatic centre. !zomg it is so my perfect match.

cats are in my room.
my precious heart, noukie, was involved in some sort of accident a few days ago. she is bruised and a little traumatised and sore, but she is ok. i am giving her lots of warmth and soft places to sleep in, and i’ve been asleep for days, and she’s snoozing with me then too. she is my best little friend. precioused bubba nouk. send her your healing love and thoughts. i know that would please her.

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