Apr. 23rd, 2007

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my brains feel overloaded. it is probably the caffeine but there's a lot of emotion there too. a whole lot.

i will tend to life tomorrow. pay money to people and places. wash my dirty undies and socks. being scared of an imaginary scorpion in my big bag of detrius i dragged home from the prom.  who is that? that scorpion?

tomorrow i will fantisize about growing vegetables and moving to the country. concurrently. chooks and cats and curvy voluptuous pathways around a garden that will help feed and nurture us.

i feel stifled. i don't know what that is. no maybe i do.

bike is charging.

busy, busy. lou, aunty sue, me and you.

you're awake late. you should sleep. it will be good for you. you will feel better for it tomorrow.

i feel like i missed out, but i know i made the right choice for myself in the right moment. i didn't get a chance to explain any of that to you. or any of you.

lavender oil. my back. my sweetheart. 9pm. a heart filled massage. warm skin on skin. quiet. headtouchings. thankyou.


sometimes i wish things never changed.


(edited to add)
no wait. a few more items:

1. steely dan tickets onsale in a few hours. there will be no money until tuesday, so i have to manifest a ticket somehow. this will occur by me either (a) asking the band member who emailed me a few months ago for a pass or (b) winning it from some dirty middle of the road fm radio dj. it will happen.
2. bron. yay! tomorrow! oh i look forward to seeing you.
3. now, i don't wanna be too bold here and say something that's completely out of line, but i think that maybe winter is really going to happen soon. look:
Tuesday       Becoming fine.                         Min 12    Max 21
Wednesday Fine. Min 11 Max 21
Thursday Fine. Min 11 Max 23
Friday Rain periods. Min 14 Max 19
Saturday Showers Min 14 Max 19
Sunday Showers Min 13 Max 19

The next routine forecast will be issued at 4:50 am EST Monday.
now i don't know about you but that thrills me like nothing else.
4. remembering of dreams.
5. make!
6. ok you should sleep now really really really. sleepybyebyes.

but jamaican me crazy!

7. must visit lizzy, nico and prilly.


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