Apr. 15th, 2007

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tomorrow i will be leaving for the bush for a few days.

i’m taking my music, my camera and my tripod and my towel and my tent and sleeping bag. anne is bringing me a futon to sleep on which is pretty awesome. excellent.

i have been asking the goddess for a show of the southern lights while we’reo there. i wonder if she’ll put out? i sure hope so.

steely dan are so fucking smooth it almost hurts. i can’t wait to see them in september. it will take a lot for me to hold myself back and not get all autistic with my excitement. i will be squiggling in the freaking air.

ok. so camping. yay. so so so so good making for my heart. she desires it so much. the air, the light, the sounds, the colours. the scents. the creatures.

i got a bunch of amazing pictures from some awesome friends. they are so fucking great, i don’t know how to explain it. it warms me. it fills me. i have lots of love. lots.

okok: dream programming: must have gentle, friendly, loving-ful and beautiful dreams, ok? you’ve been visiting such awful, sad and nasty places for a while and you need a rest.


food list for camping
- meths
- chopping board
- soymilk
- chips and salsa
- smores shit

stuff list for camping
- crip sticks
- pillows

clothes list for camping
- cords

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