Feb. 26th, 2007

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baby said "you should blog about what happened today" and then proceeded to retell the story of what happened today in a few sentences.

"your cat went missing and then 5 minutes later (after searching) you sat on the edge of your bed and started crying and then i was laughing at you but i didn't mean to it's just that you were so cute because you love her so much and she's your special little tiny" and so on and so on.

and then suzi went on a search and bubba was there in the house on the corner, chasing after charlie, the boy cat who lives there.  she is my little amazon, but she scares the shit outta me when she goes on her little walkabouts. little bubba.


last night at midnight, i was on my bike on my way home from bruce street. i haven't ridden my bike for like a couple of weeks. i was getting really fucking over the harassment i continually got from (mostly) young men who assume i don't know any road rules. and the "you're a fat lazy bitch" comments. the most ridiculous abuse i copped lately was from two young american men living in some yuppie apartment in the brunx on lygon street. they were telling me that i was breaking the law by riding on the footpath. and i wanted to yell at them, tell them to fuck off back to their own country but that's a shithouse thing to say and full of hate, which i don't need. so instead i just gave them the finger and rode away.

but anyway. so i haven't felt confident enough to ride my bike. then last night i thought fuck it and i strapped my crutches to thelma and we rode to bruce street. and on the way home, i was riding along the creek in the dark. i have a light on the front of her and that was it. i could sense the pathway and very vaguely saw the light colour of it. riding blind is a very exhilarating experience. it's not something i ever thought i'd find myself doing, but i never really expected to be vision impaired. now that it's here, i am finding magic in different ways. and flying along on my bike at 35kms an hour on an empty bikepath at midnight is what i do for kicks now. blind.


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