Jan. 17th, 2007


Jan. 17th, 2007 02:08 am
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- yvey called tonight at midnight to tell me that jacob had died on sunday night. he was only like a year younger than me. it is so very very sad. he overdosed on alcohol and heroin. funeral/wake in a day or so. living and dying is significant this year.
- the event i made happen was great. we faced fire, i slept under the stars, owls came to visit me, the roos were there everynight. and anah, my goddess. wow. what an amazingly beautiful woman.

- no wind tonight, and it’s fucking hot. cannot sleep thus far. ate corn, tried to sleep outside under a mosquito net but got attacked by an angry mob of ants.

- plans to visit more lands: amazon acres, herland and the mountain, amongst others.
- charles thursday.

- will buy a diary this week.

- suzi is sad that i went bush for a week and came back without my big belly. i didn’t mean for it to happen. i was working real hard on the lands to keep us safe and well fed and warm and energised. going back onto chemo is horrible. it’s much harder once you’ve been off it to go back on it and eat what you’re meant to.

- learning songs in language, entrusted and respected. we are so lucky.
- 1 wedge tailed eagle, a zillion kites, a zillion gang gangs, a zillion sulphur crested cockatoos, king parrots, crimson rosellas, a mob of eastern grey roos, geckos, 1 feral cat, 2 southern boobooks, etc etc.

fuck me, it’s really hot.

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